Michael the Author is a 20 year old rapper on the rise from Illinois who has amassed over 3 million streams from his songs and albums. He dropped his debut project, "Smithereens", in August 2019 after his close friend passed away. He then dropped 3 more projects in 2020 after yet another one of his closest friends died. These two deaths would mark the end of Michael Leshock and the birth of Michael the Author, as he went on to achieve great success upon the release of his 2 most recent albums, "FALLING OR FLYING?" and "MICHAEL THE ALBUM".  In late 2022, he lost another friend - this time to an overdose - which promted "THEY ALL REACH FOR ME", releasing in early 2023. As he gears up to drop his new album, "IT'S KIND OF A FUNNY STORY", who knows what the world has in store for this young talent.